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  • Auth0, Angular, and .NET Web API Part 2 – Wiring Up Web API

    In the previous post, we setup Auth0 and an Angular SPA to allow users to login and logout. Now, I’d like to setup a .NET 6 Web API and communicate with it, using authentication, from the Angular SPA. The Angular SPA will pass a JWT (oauth2) bearer token to the API which will authenticate using […]

  • Auth0, Angular, and .NET Web API Part 1 – Wiring up Auth0 and Angular

    Auth0 is one of the largest players in the authentication-as-a-service sector. They’re secure and have many options for most of the platforms used. They claim to be an easy to implement, adaptable authentication and authorization platform. Today. Also, Auth0 allows up to 7000 users with 2 social media connectors (think Google or Facebook logins) for […]